Transfer From Hoi An To Da Nang Train Station

The car 4 seat – 250,000 VND (Max 3 adults + 2 suit cases)

The car 7 seat – 300,000 VND (Max 4 adults + 4 suit cases)

The car 16 seat – 350,000 VND (Max 9 adults + 9 suit cases)

The distance from Hoi An to Da Nang Train Station is 35 km. It takes about 45 mins for transfer from Hoi An to get Da Nang Train Station. The price for transfer service is 250.000 VND ($12). We discount 10% in total for most Round Trip transfer booking which means booking for Transfer from Da Nang Train Station to Hoi An and Transfer from Hoi An return to Da Nang Train Station.